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Digital marketing is becoming very efficient from targeting a specific audience at a time. The advancement in technology has increased the number of people accessing the internet daily.

Digital marketing targets the specific audiences for the ad and thus increases traffic and conversion rates. However, it becomes hard to stand out on the busy and noisy internet from the massive advertisements on social media and other platforms.

Hubspot estimates that 64.6% of people clicking on Google ads are interested in making purchases. In 2021, half of UK online advertising was expected to be Pay per click or impression model.

Pay per click and Pay per impression are the most preferred methods of increasing brand images and creating traffic for businesses. However, most business managers do not understand the differences between these two advertising methods.

In the Pay per click advertisement model, the advertiser pays for every click on the ad by the viewers. Most of the clicks leads to redirection to websites and create traffic. Therefore, the advertiser only pays for every click made on the ad.

On the other hand, the Pay per impression model involves the advertiser paying for the number of views the ad gets online. Whether the viewers clicked on the ad or not, the advertiser pays for a specific number of views, mostly 10,000 views.

It is essential to understand when to use either the Pay per click or Pay per impression. The objective of your advertisement determines the most preferred method. If your business is a start-up and your main objective is to create brand awareness, you prefer the pay per impression model. The method effectively creates the brand image as more people view the ad and get to know about the business. The method is also cheap to manage for start-ups.

However, if your primary goal is to increase traffic and conversion, you would need the Pay per click advertisement model.

The model only pays for every click made on the ad. As mentioned, Hubspot estimated 64.6% of the people clicking on ads as potential buyers. Therefore, the Pay per click increases the chances of making a sale from the advisement.

Significantly, the size of your budget can also influence the advertisement method to use. Pay per click is expensive to run, but the Pay per impression is relatively cheaper. Therefore, if your budget is constrained, you may opt for the Pay per impression as it is the advisement model where you can get many viewers while on a budget.  

Business managers need to differentiate between Pay per click and the pay per impression advisement model to boost their businesses’ performance. Besides, getting a firm that effectively manages your online advertisement goes a long way into creating tangible results.

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