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The efficiency of digital marketing has attracted many businesses to create their presence online through digital marketing. Traditional marketing limits businesses from reaching a wider audience and are not specific to the target groups. However, digital marketing does not just work out the wonders marketing agencies tell.

Is digital e-commerce marketing legit? The answer to this question can be a yes and a no. It depends on the hands you are in. However, many e-commerce marketing agencies exaggerate their services.
Many businesses have fallen prey to poor marketing agencies who promise paradise. They rock their sites with promotional messages, making you feel vulnerable to their services, believing that you can only get the best services from their hands.

Marketing is no longer about the stuff you make, but about the stories you tell.”

— Seth Godin

Telling the truth is not hard, but surprisingly, many marketing agencies choose the lie. Getting a quality marketing agency without exaggerated information about their services is rare. With the pool of them in the market, they try to outdo their competitors by bragging about their services’ quality.

How to tell if a marketing agency is legit? Many business managers ask this question. We got you. In this blog, we unveil the three common and hidden lies your e-commerce marketing agency dares to tell, and this way, you will know if the agency is legit or not. At most times, the line between the truth and the lie is very thin, but you can tell the gem from rabbles if you are keen enough.

 1.They will produce great content every day.

Many marketing agencies use different ways to promote the brand and create an online presence for businesses. One of the ways is through great content in blogs, web content, and other forms. However, the promise of producing great content every day is a hidden lie. It is possible to create great content often but promising that it will get great content is lying.

2. You need to be on all social media platforms to increase ROI

Many e-commerce marketing agencies thrive in creating and managing ads on social media platforms. Therefore, they will lure you into hiring them to manage ads and other marketing tools on many platforms.
However, you do not need to market your business on all social media platforms. Besides, marketing is not a social media thing only; there are other platforms to market your business. Importantly, effective marketing is audience-specific and not necessarily needful to be managed on all social platforms.

3. They will raise your revenue immediately

Promising that they will raise your business revenue is a hidden lie that seems true. Businesses hire marketing agencies to raise their presence, increase traffic, make sales and increase revenue. However, marketing does not just increase revenue. Many agencies will not tell you how they will increase the revenue and the time arithmetic needed to effect the increase.

Many managers fall prey to e-commerce marketing agencies that are not legit. Truth is falling on the streets, and lies are becoming easy to do. However, if you are keen enough, you can know the legit agencies from the hoax.